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The Paul Dermody Podcast

Jan 22, 2018

Scott is a world-renowned coach with a background in sociology. He has been in the fitness industry for more than four decades and worked with hundreds of clients, from every day people to pro bodybuilding competitors to magazine fitness models.

Scott hosts a weekly podcast

He also constantly holds live webinars and lectures via his youtube and facbook page


He is the author to over eleven books which you can find here on amazon


Scott also offers an array of online programmes and courses for both clients and coaches


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1:43: Intro

2:06: Why it’s not a weight issue but actually a thinking and feeling issue about weight.

4:40: How lean and obese people can share a self-recriminating, self-hating, self-punishing mindset.

5:00 A personal letter to Scott from a gym-goer and what he sees that it wrong with it and her attitude towards herself & fitness.

7:00 Purposeful survey and exercise for food and eating issues.

8:45 The difference between mastery and obsession.

10:50 Psychological idea of projection and choosing a coach.

13:48 Why we are hardwired to be emotionally affected by food

17:00 “and then what” exercise to help you progress

18:20 Addition by subtraction

21:00 Client phases and assessing their mindsets

27:00 Outside-in metrics causing attempted suicide, self-harm etc..

31:15 Reading your own bio-feedback & optimizing your metabolism

36:00 Focusing on outliers and comparing yourself

39:00 Macho bullshit and training Scott’s philosophies

42:50 Functional training and throwing programmes together

45:17 Tips for training the over 50 demographic

51:00 The 4 Noble truths and & linking that to the 8 steps of weight loss