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The Paul Dermody Podcast

May 24, 2024

Do you feel you overeat every time you try and lose weight? Does tracking calories stress you out? Try Paul's 4E method. This isn't a quick hack or a one-and-done but a lifelong set of behaviours to take the pressure off and get better results.

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May 15, 2024

Maintenance doesn't "feel" like a goal but it's a vital one to learn nonetheless. A calorie deficit won't fix your bad patterns. It will magnify them further. This episode explores two main reasons why people find it so hard to thrive. Maintenance is life. It's where we should spend most of our lives. If you haven't...

May 14, 2024

If you are anxious about pressing the f**k-it button every time you eat a certain food, this prompt will help you break that pattern. It's a kind, gentle reminder of how to stay more present whilst eating. A refreshing perspective on how to (want to) stop eating whilst still wanting more of the food. Try this for...

Apr 11, 2024

In this episode, Paul discusses 14 ways to NOT break the overeat-restrict cycle. These are some of the common and significant roadblocks his clients struggle with. 

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Apr 1, 2024

Paul discusses a question he received on Ester weekend - "How do I not press the f**k it button this Easter?" 

Waiting until Easter Sunday to ask this is like asking how to learn to swim today. You can receive cliches that help you stay afloat - mindful eating, don't restrict - but the fear of drowning remains. The...