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The Paul Dermody Podcast

Dec 4, 2017

Isaac is 1/3 of the world renowned health first coaching team that is Muscle Nerds. He has worked with some of the brightest minds there is in  health and fitness . This is a really information heavy episode where Isaac and I go into the major roadblocks he sees in health and training. Giving us an insight from his lectures as part of the M.N team and as a coach. Get your notepad ready as we delve deep into metabolism, digestion,sleep,stress,hormones and some awesome personal recommendations from Isaac for learning & working. 
If you want to check out Isaac's stuff find him on Instagram at Isaacdavidson_,  or snapchat at isaacdavidsonnn.
To get in contact with the Isaac or the Muscscle Nerds team for upcoming lectures or online coaching you can 
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