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The Paul Dermody Podcast

Feb 26, 2018

Description: N1 course creator Kassem Hanson has always been education driven. A desire to provide a deeper understanding of the biochemistry and physiology of the body is one of his passions. From Biosignature courses to Poliquin Certifications, Functional medical practitioner to  Clinical Nutritionist Kassem has a wealth of knowledge under his belt. We talked all things anti-depressants, approaching dieting phases, who Kass respects and learn from and what his biggest peeves are when it comes information being put out there.

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Website and info about his course :


4:13 - The effects anti-depressant meds can have on body comp/muscle building/fat loss

10:40 – Kassem’s approach to a dieting phase or competition prep

15:27- How important is a calorie?

18:50- How to keep client’s patient to actually get them healthy first

25:30- Kassem’s top things he wants coaches to STOP doing

28:33- Who has shaped Kassem’s philosophy towards training

30:50- Who has shaped Kassem’s philosophy towards nutrition

31:55- The goal behind Kassem’s N1 online course