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The Paul Dermody Podcast

Feb 4, 2018

1:07- What is inflammation and how does it take away from your recovery?

6:10- The negative effect of mismatching training and nutrition.

8:51 –Why micronutrients, cofactors and enzymes play a vital role in cell processes and recovery

11:12- What are sleep supplements masking?

12:48- Hyper-loading supplements, what do you really need and why.

18:20- Being married to specific training ideologies

22:49- Lagging body parts and the 3 main principles

30:00- Varying your stimulus to enhance your training

32:20 The acquisition phase

30:09- Tools to measures your own biofeedback

43:00- Prehab, what is important to focus on

53:50: What are the lesser known signs of bad digestion?

1:05:00- How to connect with your food

1:09:00- Why overall lifestyle is a massive factor for body composition progress


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