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The Paul Dermody Podcast

May 21, 2018

 In this episode Paul talks with @hypertrophycoach Joe. In terms of training they talk about ..Lagging body parts, why execution is important but not being a wimp is more important and trainers over-complicating things. Joe also talks about his influences, good gym etiquette, how to be a good Personal Trainer  and the ideas behind the monster that is his Instagram & hypertrophycoach website.

Catch Joe here:

Instagram : @hypertrophycoach



1:37: Being labelled the execution guy and why that style of training is practical for everyone

8:33: Not being a wimp AND executing well

9:18: Lagging body parts – volume, programming and exercise selection

17: 55  : Trainers overcomplicating things

18: 47 : Who Joe is influenced by for training mechanics, principles, Functional anatomy, M.A.T etc

29:00 : What makes a good Personal Trainer

53:00 : Working with WWE star Dave Bautiste

56:00 – Spending time on the gym floor vs online coaching

57:36 : The fitness industry coming full circle

58:00- The thought process behind Joe’s content

1:00:00- Why Joe thinks lats are like boobs