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The Paul Dermody Podcast

Jan 29, 2018

In this episode we delve deep into an e-mail we received that had so many commonalities with e-mails, questions and calls that we get to do with competing, dieting and self-acceptence. In this e-mail we delve into

-Struggling with competing

-Diet- binge mentality  and self-sabotage

-Constantly worrying about unfulfilling training

-Figuring out if health and fitness is adding to anxiety

-Journaling exercises to figure out your stressors

-What are you dieting for ?

- Are you projecting your emotions onto others and criticising them?

Recommended books:

Scott Abel’s books:

  • Understanding Metabolism
  • The anti-diet approach

  • Anxiety and Panic by Dr Harry Barry

  • Mindless eating by Brian Wansink


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