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The Paul Dermody Podcast

Jul 11, 2022

In today's episode, Paul expands on a recent blog article he wrote about why we eat too much. When we hear that 'Diets Fail' it often speaks to those that start dieting out of a place of insecurity and therefore in this narrow definition all diets do fail. Today he explores that idea and chats about...

  • How in modern times we have a caloric abundance and sedentary lifestyle
  • The emergence of a huge wellness industry that provides good advice but doesn't engage with our WHY
  • How we are starved of the actual ingredients we crave
  • How dieting is often misunderstanding what we truly need
  • Why we need deeper reasons to make new choices 
  • Why we can't always battle food as it will always be there
  • Different nutrition for different parts like our soul and inner peace
  • The diet industry appeals to a narrow fragment of your psychology 
  • Why we cannot connect with the WHY as so often we are just given the WHAT
  • The industry is obsessed with deficits and overlooks connection and self-awareness
  • Blog Article:

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With over 6000 hours of 1 to 1 Personal Training behind him, Paul transitioned into the online space over 5 years ago. He specializes in helping you find calmness and joy in food, understand your core food values and how to apply it all to your life successfully.

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