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The Paul Dermody Podcast

May 4, 2022

Join Paul this week as he speaks with George from The Tin Men about many soceital issues today that are not often discussed yet significantly impact men's mental health.

Why is male suicide at the highest it has ever been? 

With many of these conversations descending into emotion and chaos we aim to promote a data based conversation.

We talk about...

  • Male suicide
  • Male homelessness
  • That boys and men are doing increasinly worse within education
  • Sexual Violence on Men
  • Some of the laws that fail men

While we so rightly challenge some of the more well known gender injustices it's important to also have conversatinos around some of the lesser known aspects. 

You can find The Tin Men on Instagram (@thetinmen) and on his podcast named The Tin Men on all major platforms.

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