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The Paul Dermody Podcast

Jan 6, 2022

Join Paul as he answers questions from his Instagram sent in by followers. He delves into many topics including how his coaching philosophy has evolved and changing career when you feel you missed the boat. See below for question timestamps.

  • 4:05-What has been the biggest development in your coaching practice and where has it changed the most in the past few years?
  • 5:25 - Do you have 1 particular thing you are most proud of?
  • 10:04- From your experience do you think trainers have empathy for overweight people?
  • 14:30- What makes it a fulfilling career for you ?
  • 17:30- If you could get one message out to the world what would it be?                                                               
  • 17:59- What's one belief you held dear that don't necessarily believe anymore?                                       
  • 19:31- Do you write down your goals and reverse engineer the process?                                                                 
  • 21:05- when to stop tracking calories?                     
  • 21:45- How to succeed with the mindset of gaining weight after being successful on a weight loss journey?
  • 25:17- How to make self talk more meaningful and real
  • 29:30- "I would have ;loved a podcast on living with obesity and how to start' a Step by step process of reviewing your journey.
  • 34:30 - I have a lot of weight to lose and I feel overwhelmed , where do I start?                                                               
  • 37: 27- Can you change your body shape?       
  • 38:43- do you think fitness tracker are useful?
  •  40:10 - What pisses you off both personally & professionally? 
  • 43:40- Missing your calling but not knowing where to start as a trainer, what courses and resources should I pursue? If I don't start this year I'll never start.

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Today's episode is brought to you by the The Brian Keane Podcast , in particular episode 294 where Brian and I speak about..

  • Principles vs absolutes when it comes to diet behaviour.
  • Understanding basic calorie balance for fat loss
  • Why anticipation is generally better than the actual thing and managing your perception around food
  • The problem with black and white thinking and why that limits your happiness. 
  • Getting to the root of guilt and shame.
  • Why you should always be working towards your target self
  • And much more ..